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Stolen decoys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Did the thief send my $$ back??
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I'm in the middle of a mess. And I know I'm not the only one.

I had 10 Big Foot decoys stolen from my hunting spot in December :evil: . 5 feeders and 5 original style BF. They have 'sk' initials on thier bellys where the feet attach. Of course the BF were the only decoys taken. Anyone find them please let me know I want that SOB!! :twisted:

But thats not the reason for this topic. In the process of replacing them I purchase some from a kid in IA. Well he had the shipping calculated wrong, of course this was after I sent him the $$. I wasn't about to pay the extra so he was supposed to send the $$ back last week. Thank you EBAY..

Fortunately 4 me Waterfowler4 also purchased some and contacted me, the dekes might be stolen.

Turns out the dekes were stolen, the kid is in jail now. I got a call from a sargent and the kid said he sent my $$ back yesterday, we'll see. Oh yeah he's really a 'good' kid. :roll:

Thanks for the heads up Waterfowler4!!!

Anyone else have any dekes stolen??
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No, it's really too bad that has to happen though. What must someone be thinking??!! :roll:
See guys.. I posted a few days ago about ebay. Don't trust it unless it's under 10 bucks (or what your willing to loose). Sorry for your loss though. Damn shame that the kid didn't get into using the deeks instead of hawking them for cash on ebay. Maybe he could have straitened out a little. I think that's a big issue with kids these days.. Nothing to do but trouble. Don't get me wrong. I was a kid and did the usuall kid things myself but I never stole something and tried to sell it. I think hunting kept me out of seriouse trouble more than i realized at the time. Hope you get your cash back.
Like my Dad always said "Teach your boy how to hunt and you'll never have to hunt for your boy."
Gilmore- I don't know...I know my dad often wondered when the heck I was getting back from a day's hunt. At least I was in the field and not stealing crap.

Redcloud-hope you see your cash back, but it sounds like I wouldn't hold my breath
sorry to here about the stolen bigfoots, i also wonder about people these days. in my area many trailers have gotten knocked off in the last season here. a guy that i hunt with, got his trailer ripped off, and it had about 75 bigfoots, 6 dozen shells, and some shadows, so i know exactly how it feels
You won't believe what was in my mailbox today;

my $$. :D

So to answer the question yes he did send it back. It's a good monday indeed.

I hope he learns from this and becomes a PRODUCTIVE member of society.
I'm happy for ya guy.. I hope he learns too. DONT MESS WITH SOMEONES DEEKS!!! Did you return the Deeks? Not sure if you mentioned it in previous postings? I'm assuming that they were confiscated.. I hope the rightful owner is reunited with them..
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