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Stoeger 2000

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Does anyone know anything about the the stoeger 2000? the companey is owned by beneli. if you have any information please let me know.
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uses th SBE inertia recoil system. Supposed to be a great gun. Watch out, cause Beretta/Benelli both have crappy customer service. I have dealt with them on my Beretta, and when I pay $1200 for a gun I want results not excuses.
Hey, about the 2000 i jsut got one in october and have put it thru some grewsome huntig trips. I love it for geese cause i got the 28 in barrel and for phesants it's the lightest gun i've ever had. The action works great and is the inteteria system but i had a few problems shooting really light loads. I have never had it not cycle while in the field, with thoose 3 in magnums it has no trouble cycling the shell. This is a great gun and u can buy three before u can buy 1 benelli. I would buy it again (it does kick like a mother though).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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