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Spring Snows

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Hi everyone
Today is my first day on the site. I'm hoping someone on the site could help me find a good guide for snow goose hunting this spring in either Illinois or Iowa. I would even go as far as Missouri if it was worth the trip.

I hunt Canadas and Mallards in MI and Il all season. My Dad and I have always wanted to try Snow goose hunting and would like to go with a good guide to get a good first taste.

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Welcome to the site, some good goose hunters around.

Our neighbor booked a hunt with an outfitter in Missouri and they did really well. I can't speak from personal experiences, but I've seen the pics and it looked like they really did well. I did some searching and found their website: I believe the owners name is Tracy.

Good luck.
Thanks Hardcore

I'll check it out!
:) Call Don @ 712 328 9394 he did us right last year and will be headin that way 1st wk in March.
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