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Spring Season In SoDak!!!

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I know it may seem a little early, but I am already planning my three trips to SoDak for this spring, along qwith maybe two to NoDak for later on in the season for the dumb, desperate birds. Question, anyone else this wrapped up in snows??? I'm gonna be looking for another 2, maybe 3 hunters to join me that are NR's that actually have decoys and maybe an extra 2 e-callers.

I've been getting "abused" for the last 2 seasons out there and need to change my hunting party up a little bit and venture off on my own. I plan on having 3 dozen fullbodies, 5-600 rags, and maybe 7 dozen silo's, also have 7 dozen bigfoots I can put covers and socks on their heads. I also have 5 blinds, but they are my g/f's and mine to use unless someone really needs one... I also am going to bring out 2 ecallers...
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I'm usually flying solo once the snows have hit the Dakota's. I've got close to 600 windsocks, and 6-7 dozen shells, a couple e-callers, blinds, blah blah blah. I'd hook up with ya some time in Mar/Apr and go after the white geese.
Sounds like a plan. I just went to Cabelas and got another 4 dozen fullbodies, 3 dozen snows and a dozen blues. Sounds like FB's are the only way to go. Just can't wait for March to role around!!! :D
Hey #1 Waterfowler, I am a relative noobie to Snows and Blues (mainly have been hunting Ducks and Canadian Honkers) But got a taste of the fast and furious shooting once when living in the South east South dakota area while at school, I dont have a lot of gear, am planning on picking up some more Rags and maybe some Silos after all the x-mas crazyness settles down, But a spring Snow goose hunt sounds great, let me know if ya need another guy to round out a hunting party, i will contribute what I can, i am just Building up my Decoy collection But do have soome Rags and wind socks available.
Sounds awesome, I've got another 3 dozen fullbodies on order right now, hard to go less than $130 a dozen for those herters fullbodies, I'll have 10 dozen total, lets see the wind out there destroy my spread now!!! :lol: You guys will have to keep checking up on here, only 3 1/2 more months to go, I can't wait!!! :D
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