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Snows in Pa?

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I'm looking for snows in Pennsylvania. Can't seem to find any. Any one have some knowledge on them?
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I have only seen one flock ever of them in PA. Don't know if there is any really at all here. :(
Snows are everywhere in eastern PA (Bethlehem especially along Rt. 22) area.

For the past 2 weeks, everyday I've seen at least 500-1,000 of them mixed in with Cans.
We get a lot of snows. If you want to find them check out Middle Creek and the areas sourounding it. Thats where they are all out. I hear over 100.000 pass through there each season
i visited middle creek the other day and it was loaded with them.
yea i was gonna say, we got snows everywhere here in lebanon. i really have no clue how many we shot this year. plus the thousands that we've seen. fun bird to hunt though, but yea if u want to see snows in pa go to middle creek.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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