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snowgoose hutning in south dakota

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i was wondering if anyone knew if north eastern south dakota got any snows or blues yet if there are where r they
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I just returned from decoying by Redfield.

The majority of the birds are from I-90 to the ND/SD border. I'd say in that range the most are going to be north of HW 14 this week.
I just got back from hunting in Huron SD. There is a small lake off of 281 to the west that was full of snows, about 500,000. Lake cottonwood has about a 1,000,000 snows. I says if you get on 281 and follow it north you will be able to find all the geese there are all over up there.
Just hunted Beatrice NE yesterday, slow but we dropped 21, still loads of birds in KS and NW Mo as I drove back to KC, SD should be fantastic this weekend
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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