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snow goose hunting

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Trying to find a farmer in northeast Arkansas that will allow a couple of people 2 or 3 to snow goose hunt in his fileds. Willing to pay tresspass fee if necessary.
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I live in NE arkansas and i can get some fields to hunt. I am just getting into goose hunting so If I could tag along to see how you guys do it that would be great
I'm new to the area and looking for some serious people and places to hunt geese and maybe ducks. I have a large goose and duck spread, 1000-1200 rags and some shells. e mail me, [email protected].
Now that's the way it's supposed to work!! Good luck guys, hope you're successful!!!
I'm looking for someone near Mound City Missouri. If any one can help let me know. Thanks!
Olson I don't have any place near Mound City just farther south.I'm putting together my decoy spread and would be glad to throw in with someone else.
I'll be haeding for the area of St Joe's down to KC starting Feb 19 to Feb 27. I've got 8 guy's already..
Anybody know how the migration's moving????
C'mon MO guy's give us a clue.

I'm from Indiana and have never hunted snows in my life. A friend and I are coming to Missouri to try it out. I was wondering if anyone had any openings to maybe show us the ropes. We have plenty of decoys and will help set up. Thanks alot
See a few flocks regurlarly se of KC but none today.I hear they are around but I haven't hunted hard since early Jan.Indiana I'd be glad to hook up with you if I [email protected]
To indianagooseslayer:
I might be able to slip a couple of guy's in with us sometime during this hunt. Drop me an e-mail with a phone number, we'll talk bout it.
[email protected]
If the weather screws us, we'll be heading north with the birds.
We have locations in Iowa, NE and ND...

Im heading out to Mound City this weekend, was just wondering how the birds are out there right now?
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