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Snow Goose Hunting Tips for SE ND

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Me and a couple of buddys are thinking about trying our hand at a spring snow goose hunt in S.E. N.D. If anyone gots any information on where the snow's are and how to make or where to buy some cheap decoys, that would be great!
Thanks for the help,
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The april/may edition of Wildfowl magazine has a good article on ND snow goose hunting.
I would hunt right along the SD border and see if you can find a corn stubblefield between or near one or more roost ponds. Stay as far south as possible. The closer you get to Devils L. the more leases and posted land. But it is still pretty easy to get a hunting spot.
Drape white trash bags from the corn stubble along with what decoys you have. Can't get any cheaper than that. Let us know how you do!
The guys over at seem to have the ND spring thing down cold. TONS of info on hunting up there.

Here's from the SD hotline today:

March 8 -- Today's snow goose status report could be kept short and sweet by saying: they are everywhere!! Some examples of the snow goose blitz happening right now include a report that last Saturday a steady stream of geese were seen moving north between Omaha and Sioux Falls. Many flocks were seen on the ground about 15 miles south of Sioux Falls but then Sunday evening these geese seemed to be on the move northward. Another report indicated geese were flying to the west and northwest over Minnehaha County all day Saturday, Sunday and yet Monday morning. Some of these geese are probably the large flocks seen throughout Lake County, with most appearing to be in the Nunda and Winfred areas. Over the weekend light geese were seen all over Turner and Hutchinson counties. On Sunday, a number of small and large flocks were seen along Interstate 90 from Kimball to Mitchell. Sunday and Monday, large flocks estimated at tens of thousands were noted in Beadle County resting, feeding and flying, with Lake Byron being a focal point. Scattered bands of geese were observed in Kingsbury County near traditional areas of Lakes Thompson, Preston and Whitewood. Further north yet, huntable numbers of geese moved into Hamlin County Sunday and Monday, plenty of geese moved into Clark County as of Monday morning, and thousands of geese were reported being in the Doland to Redfield area of Spink County on Sunday, with some movement on north yet.
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