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snow goose hunting in so il and nw mo

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Sheduled to go to nw mo on 3/4 for snows. Anyone know how they're doing out of Mound City. Also, Mark mentioned that they were having pretty good luck in downstate il. If thats the case we would rather stay closer to home (Chicago) if we could confirm the birds and locate a good guide.

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I just came back from MW MO.... awesome week...
Killed 85 over decoys in a corn field.
Started slow on the 20th... picked up each day...
We pulled flocks from miles... 420 northwinds.. 72 Lastlooks.. 60 full bodies and one stuffer flying...
Saturday the 26th... 30 birds by 2 pm.. had to pick up to come home.

If the weather holds, that area should be good for a week.

When I get the pics.. I'll post them.

I love watching them circle the decoys... what a blast

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Ohhh ... forgot to mention... I'd say we say 500,000 in flight over the 7 days...

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