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Snow Goose Decoys

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Looking for information on snow goose decoys. What brand/products do you recommend?
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Full bodies for realism, windsocks for movement. Find a balance that works for you and leave the shells at home. My .02 of snow goose decoys.
Go with the windsocks. Quick to put out and easy to the work. ;)
I agree, can't go wrong with socks!
In TX we're all about rags. If you put them correctly on dowels they'll last forever and work like socks without the heavy costs.

Plus you can put out 2000 in no time. ;)
If you're from texas, you must know guys who use farm forms as well. I'm not impressed by the looks, but my TX hunting buddies swear by them for mobility.
Have 10 dozen Flatland Fullbodies for sale. Used 2 times. Giving up Snows to concentrate on Canadas. Drop me an e-mail if interested. See Flatlands Web sight;
From my experience you get what you pay for, you buy cheap equipment do not expect to last at all, on the other hand if you buy good quality equipment it will last and hold it resale value if in the future you decide to opt for something else.

Thus I would not buy ever again rags.
For economy windsocks check Knutsons out of MI. ($25 per dz)
For custom built highly realistic windsocks check Priairiewind decoys that Jim Jones out of WY has. ($70-110 per dz)

As for full bodies, well that is a whole deal upon it self, now you are talked an enclosed trailer + the cost of the FBs. It'll run you many thousands of $ Snow goose hunting is NOT a cheap sport to get into especially if you do it only occasionally.

So most would opt for the economy snows/blues out of Knutsons. Easy to handle, cost is low, and does not take up alot of space.
DITO, H2OFWLR. could not have said it better

Ive never used Texas Rags before and was thinking about picking up a few hundred this spring. What is so bad about them?
In my area people use rags and a few full bodied. Also have heard of making silohuets(sp) out of compaign signs and a little white and black paint. They are easy to handle and light. Use a mixture of all for best success 8) Yall have a nice day!
Have seen a number of posts saying "leave the shells at home." I quess I don't understand why they are perceived to be so bad. They are realistic looking as birds sitting in resting position, and the Fearther Lites move in the wind. Can anyone give a bit more insight why they are frowned upon?
If ya got em, bring em. The more dekes the better for them snows. Have seen the Featherlights in the Speck type, and, they fooled me from the road. Thier movement is excellent and were a Speck magnet. We placed our blinds upwind surrounded by silohuets, behind us were the featherlights, behind them were full bodied. Made "family" groups out of each type. Seemed to work WELL. If your allowed to use an e-caller, by all means do, turn down the volume as they come in, then smoke that a$$. Good luck! Yall have a nice day 8)
Gus, why do you say to leave the shells at home?? Just curious... I bought over 1500 snow and blue deeks this summer and some are shells that is why I am asking...
Wow, a topic resurected from 3 years ago.

Since then, I would add SilloSocks for a consideration on decoys.
Sorry to resurect a topic from so long ago... I didnt know that I couldnt do that... But since you seem to be the ultimate hunter, why did he say to leave the shells at home???????????????????????/
hey, use what you got.. doesn't matter what it is.. they're just heavier then socks or rags.
Typically snows key in more on movement than anything else. Shells unless up on motion stakes typically dont give that motion, they just set there. I run 7 dozen G&H shells with stakes because
a) on the stakes they get great motion
b) they way the snows typically approach they look like fullbodies waddling in the breeze.

a) takes forever to set them up and if the ground is frozen, forget about the motion.
b) pretty heavy.

I will run the shells, but I am gonna start buying more silosocks. They are just a better bang for your buck.
My son and I have been doing the spring hunt for about 4 or 5 years now. We have an awesome time and really look forward to it. We started out using garbage bags and t shirts. Read on here to NOT use garbage bags and did that help. We bought dzn silos and 3 dzn windsocks last winter and it made a world of difference. This year we've added 150 texas rags and am planning on buying more. It's all about movement in the spread. When it's dead it sucks but just a little wind and man it is an awesome sight. And we do our hunting on public hunting. No one around. Can't wait for this year. :D If any of you are in Central Iowa and are looking to shoot some let me know. :welcome:
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