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Snow goose decoys

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I have about 400 north wind heads with the plastic cross stake most of the socks are in bad shape you might be able to use 25 or so the heads need a paint job. I have 6 doz. econo siloets used 3 times and around 10 doz. of the tonys toyz decoys ( corigated plastic head with tyvek sock and wooden dowel) anyone interested make an offer on all or part. I am a Canadian hunter and only Snow hunt once a year so I'm thining out
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Just so happens I am looking at a trip to South Dakota in 06.
I just want to be clear the socks are not useable you are only getting a head and a steak and the head needs paint. I looked at them on ebay and they want about $2 apice for just the head painted. How does $1 apice sound plus shipping ?
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