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Snow goose call, what to buy?

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I am new to goose hunting and looking for a good call. I would be hunting snow geese mostly. Any advice? Thanks
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also, what is the best way to learn how to call? any websites, videos, etc.? Thanks
For snows I would suggest:
Inexpensive- Grounds, Primos, Tru-tone, but the Tru-tone is not as loud as the others
Middle- Mann Express snow
Acrylics- Mann, Grounds or Foiles

I am sure that there are others that sound good, and I have found some that I do not think sound so hot. However, I have had great personal experience with all the above calls...wish I owned them all!

Not sure of any videos or tapes for snows, but the calls are easy to blow and learn. May check out and see what they have to offer.
I bought a Heartlands delrin Pip-squeek this year that does the job quite well.From what I've been hearing, Winglock makes a heck of a snow call.
Snow prince

$40 at cabelas
I've got the Primos. It's good and loud and sounds like a whole herd of those white buggers. Definately give those boys on huntingsnows a shout. Met up with several truck loads of those guys in Wadena, SASK early October of this year and they were super nice guys with a true addiction to this sport!
I've got the Snow Prince and a Quaker Boy, that quaker's good for specks too, Prince isn't too loud but sure sounds good. That's my .02 Never blown the Primos, may have to check it out.
I have the primos and it works. We also have a little gray snow call shur shot game calls #910 from Groves Texas. Takes alot of air to blow, but I like it better
Glynn Scobey makes a goose call that is easy to blow. His web site is
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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