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Snow Geese with Canada Decoys

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Last season, I heard of a few guys killing a bunch of snow geese with a big canada spread with a few dozen snow decoys mixed in. He said they blew regular canada calls. I asked if he was in a field where the geese had been using. He said that they were not. He also said it didn't really matter if they were in a field they were using, they would decoy real well regardless. I am inquiring if anyboby out there has had similar success with this set-up. I am fairly new to snow goose hunting. I have 700 rags and 300 silo's. I really wasn't to0 happy with our success this year, and I am looking for an alternative.

Thanks for any advice.
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We are just getting into goose hunting seriously and will finally have some decoys after this summer. We only have 250 rags, a dozen G&H standard Canada shells, a dozen Outlaw Canadas, and 10 Flambeau Canada floaters. Whenever we go snow goose hunting we always take the G&H canadas and set them off to the side on the side the geese will be flying over to land. We think it works alright and have shot many snow geese. This summer though, we plan to purchase about 2 dozen snow goose decoys. We are also going to buy about 4 dozen canada decoys and see what next year brings.
It may have been the group with the Canada's just had a higher quality set, more realistic decoys. You sound like you have a good bunch of dekes, and usually numbers win over quality with snows. I don't think you can go wrong mixing in some Canada's.

Before I gave up on going with the big snow set, I would look at other potential problems. Was your set in an area that was attractive? Were you camo'd up well? I'm not trying to 2nd guess your experience, just offering possible solutions.
In the area we hunt, we only get away with this when the snows and canadas are feeding together...which isn't very often. Normally they'll feed together when the darks well outnumber the snows...but when the snow masses move in they take over. 9 out of 10 times when they do feed together they're lessors and not greaters.

The times it has worked, the snows did decoy very well...even with flocks with next to no juvies. They don't seem to be able to pick out canada decoys as well as snows for whatever reason.

Tough call, I'm not sure I'd go with canada decoys over my snow goose set....but again, goose hunting is trial and error so it's worth a shot.
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