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Snow geese in the morning

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Here is how it is shaping up for the morning hunt.

The snows are feeding approximately 100-200 yards away in a cut corn field on the no hunting side of our refuge. We can hunt in this cut corn on the hunting side across the river, but as mentioned before we are about 100-200 yards away. THe geese come from all different directions, but the majority roost very near where they feed. There are alot of singles, pairs and small groups of snows that fly over the field we can hunt along with all the birds going there to feed. Do you think it is possible to pull in a few of those singles and doubles to our small decoy spread of 300 rags and 1 dozen shells. There is no way we can make enough noise to compete with the 4000 on the ground in the no hunting zone. We would be happy to shoot 5-6 over decoys. We shot 2 pass shooting this location tonight.

Throw me some input. I just want to know if it is worth trying to get out in the morning. This happens to us every year.

Thought it would get some more looks here.
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Hunting adjacent to a refuge can be done....
I've done it.. but only in the spring with e-callers...
The spot was a cornfield adjacent to a water filled refuge..
It was great when it was real cold and very windy..
Otherwise, your best bet is to wait for them to come back from feeding and try to pull in the one's that didn't get enough to eat... when they want water, you'll never stop them short.

I'd get my spread out and set it up... don't hunt it for the first couple of days... sit in the truck and watch to see what they do.
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