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Hey, if you were ever wanting more places to hunt, u are giving ur self a bad reputation as a skybuster , especially with ur theories of 100 yards and its dead, I know myself and alot of other guys would appreciate it if a guy like u would just ever learn to be smarter whuile shooting or just stop ruining our hunts countless and birdless hunts.
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There's such a thing called "PRIVATE MESSAGING"someone. Not trying to ruffle any feathers, but if someone did this to me, I'd be a little more than pissed, even if it is true.
Not that I'm the most congeenial person, but yea, PM they guy and make and issue off the board. I understand both points of view but I'm not willing to make a judgement on right and wrong. In some places, SKYBUSIN is not SKYBUSTIN. Just like hunting with dogs in the south. It's not shunned down there but up in PA, we don't do it at all unless it's small game or a **** hunt.
im not literally just pointin out a single person , i meant to have it as a whole, out of everybody that does it.sorry if i offended sum ppl
No man. No offence given or taken as far as I'm concerned. I agree with the rules of NO SKY BUSTIN. The questing that has been mulled over several times here is the range at where you are sky bustin. Some people can pull off 60 yard shots on a regular basis. Me, I can't do that. I'm more of a 40 yard limit kind of guy. If I have to think about range, then they are to far to shoot. Sure I could maybe get one or two, but is is worth teaching the birds that I'm there or maybe even wounding one. No not in my book. I just feel that within reason, to each their own.
Yeah, sorry GS1, didn't mean to piss anyone off. I hate skybusters as much as the next decoy hunter!!!
I don't care who i make mad, skybustin is bullcrap. If you aren't good enough to work the birds keep your butt at home.
You can't learn the craft if your not in the fields... You can't call a goose in from your basement.. I agree with the SkY BLASTIN!! Everyone does... It's WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!
im all against skybusting to, xcept u cant get so pissed at these guys. Becuase im sure there is not one hunter out there that hasnt taken a shot at a distant bird that they knew was pushing there ability limits. JMO....ill even admit that i have taken a few shots like that....but that doesn't make u a horrible person. now if u do it constantly its a differents story.
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