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size of fields

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i was just wondering how big of a field you have to hunt to kill geese. does it really matter?
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It doesn't matter at all if they like it. I hunt on a field that is around 300 by 200 yards.
scout a lil bit, see what fields they are using, usually 1/4 section size fields can hold geese, I don't know what the land you are hunting looks like, but find where they are roosting, and where they go from there to feed... :wink:
Both answers are on the money. I've shot them in 40 acres and qtr sections. As long as the field has the feed they want.

If you grow it - they will come.
often have better luck in smaller (20 ha type) fields it seems it is harder for them to sit in the far corner and draw all the birds to the live deeks.
i personally like bigger. fields that are really big and where the birds would feel safe from predators and hunters. when i set my dekes i make sure that i would not be able to sneek them if they were real birds. i also like the fields that the birds were feeding in the morning before. im a big fan of those.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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