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silos on the water

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just wondering if anyone uses silos on the water?
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We have a decent number of floaters, so I haven't found the need for V boards or the PVC pipe method of placing silos on water. I usually just place them in the water close to the edge and on the shore. I do know that the V boards and PVC pipes do work, and wouldn't hesitate to use them if you desire.
Best thing to do is give it a try... You might be surprised/dissapointed @ how well they work. I, personally, have never used them over water. If you try it, let us know how well it worked.
I was planning to use my silos on the water and build some Y boards, but I have not got that far yet. Maybe later in the season. Regular floater take up SOOOO much room. I have 6 that eat more space than 18 shells I have.
Eastern...try putting a few floaters out maybe 4..and sticking the silos in the mud...i'm sure it will work..aslong as they see the 3d ones..just make sure their broadside facing outward...or a slight angel....Honkers41
i would but just about every where i hunt there are reeds right to the water. i have used silos at one spot up on land and they worked great
I'm planning on making Y boards this year and putting coroplast silos on them. I just sold most of my burlapped foam goose decoys. They just take up so much room in the boat. I figure I can have 50 silos on Y boards in the space I will have taken by 6 floaters.

I think I'm going to augment the spread with shell decoys with pipe insulation on them. THis will add a few 3D geese to the look. My plan is to long line all of these. The Y boards on the longline don't look like soldiers in a row like normal decoys do, so it looks pretty good.

I made 2 and used them this year, and have coroplast and wood cut for making silos and boards. I guess I have my summer painting projects!

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