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Hey boys, I have 2 dozen carrylite canadas and would like to add more to my spread. So i was wondering if anyone here uses sillouhetts and do they like or dislike? Im just kind of wary because i mean come on, if i were a goose cupped and commited then i seen how these three geese in front of me totally dissapear into a thin line i would be gone. :roll:
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We do use silos, but it's all in the setup. We place our best looking(fullbody) dekes where the birds come in and place the silos around the blinds. By the time the birds see the silos turn into a thin line, it's w-a-y too late! :D
Ponass hit the nail on the head! As birds circle, sillies look like moving geese as they appear/disappear. We run at least a dozen, more often 2 dozen around our blinds.
We've used just 2 doz silos before and done just fine.
Silo's come in real handy when you can't drive into the field. The Land owners that I have permission to hunt on allow me to drive on their fields, but when the wet weather comes, I cary my gear in. I don't want to make them mad and spoil a good thing. I've been told to drive on it, but I refuse. I respect them that much. I can carry all the silo's stacked in an army duffel and pull my sled/blind with about 3/4dozen shells. Works great and I still have room to pack out the meat!!!! Use them once and I think you will find that they are a welcome addition to your spread.
I have a dozen real geese silos and I like them alot. They are easy to carry and store and they work great. By them time the geese tell if they can tell at all your shootin at em. plus they are very inexpensive-$100 a dozen The real geese silos are pretty big too
Just finished making 40 sillies, 7 poses. Gotta another 40 in the works. Plus making Y boards. These things work well. It's all we use on the walk in hunts.
What are you making your silos out of? I am was thinking about trying that corrugated plastic sheeting (the stuff the political people us when it is voting time) $12.00 for a 4x8 sheet in Canada, should get 12-15 decs out of a sheet...

Interested in hearing what you use.
We're using Luan. Neighbor gets it Free from work. For the Brown, get it mixed at Walmart "Oil Lamp". We use the black and kahki camo spray paint Extra Flat by Krylon at Walmart.
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