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Hi guys,

Can anybody recommend a good shotgun for less than $1000? I'm looking for something that will shoot 3 1/2 loads...

I bought a new Remington 870 (matte finish) this past fall and the sucker rusted on me the first day of the duck season!!! After I had it back to the shop a couple times to try to remove the rust without luck I've decided to get rid of the gun and trade it in on a new/different model.

The 870 turned totally orange with rust the first day (except for synthetic parts) I wasn't impressed. I like to keep things in good shape. It also jammed the first time I shot it. And when I "finally" got a chance to shoot at a flock of geese the darn thing jammed after the first shot! Its a wonder I didn't throw the stupid gun in the lake!!!!

Any comments or opinions about various models good and bad would be helpful.

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an 870 is a workhorse. people are having trouble with the 1187's. get a browning gold for about 950.00 or get a benelli nove for 335.00, or get two benelli novas and some hevi shot for under a thousand. the rem 10 gauges are nice too. my favorite is an ithaca mag 10 you can find the for under 700 in good shape.
Mike said:
Hi guys,
Its a wonder I didn't throw the stupid gun in the lake!!!!

Thats the best place for it :lol: :lol:
What do you want...pump or semi??? 3 1/2" or not ??? Lots of variables to work on, give me a place to start and I'll try to help.
Remington 11-87 sps or Mossberg 935.....Enough said.

I would prefer a pump, and something that will take the 3 1/2 shells. I'm also leaning towards a synthetic stock and fore-end because its more durable than the wood.

I used to own a maverick 88 but I sould it when I go tthe 870. The Maverick worked like a charm, and didn't rust, and didn't jam, and I really USED that gun, rabbit hunting, skeet shooting, ducks, geese, etc. rain or shine. I only upgraded to accomondate the 3 1/2 inch shells for goose hunting.

I've been looking around and a Browning BPS might be a good gun...maybe a BPS stalker....
Whatever you decide to buy, make sure it is FULLY CAMOED, that'll take care of the rust problem you're talking about on the exterior. I'd suggest for a pump a Browning Stalker, last I checked they sell camoed for $525 +or- a few bucks. That's the only real pump I've put through it'as paces and had it survive. I also have a Winchester 3" 120 ranger that kicks ***, but that's my personal protection gun, not for waterfowling!!
Mossberg 835 or Maverick 91?. The BPS is a pretty good gun from what I've heard. Why not go to a semi ? The Mossy 935 kicks butt and the Baikal MP153 is no slouch. Both are modestly priced and perform like champs. Best advise I can give is to stay away from Remington or Italian...although the Nova has earned much respect among many hunters that don't mind an UGLY gun :lol:
Never had a problem with my 870, although I had to keep wiping it down. If the rust bothers you, a camo 870 will cut that down or you could get a WIngmaster. Otherwise if you have to have a slider, Nova or BPS would be a great choice. All the above are great guns if you ask me.
Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it. After some fairly extensive research on the net, I think im going to take a serious look at a Browning BPS. Either the Hunter or Stalker model. The main difference here would be the finish, a High gloss blue on the Hunter and a matte finish on the Stalker.

Which generally holds up better in adverse weather conditions?

I assume the matte finish will be better for concealment, but I think the slightly rough texture may add to the chance of rust. Where as the high gloss finish will be easier to clean and remove rust, but may cause some glare make the gun more visible.

Also the stalker has a synthetic stock, which is very durable. The Hunter model has a walnut stock, which looks good, but isn't as durable. But this makes me ask...Just how tough are the walnut stocks?

If you haven't noticed from my posts, I like to keep things looking good, and in excellent operating condition. With performance being the most important issue.

But there should be some middle ground availiable....shouldn't there???

Also, how does ejecting from the bottom of the gun affect jamming compared to a normal side ejecting system?
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go with the matte and you wont worry about hunting with it. it amazes me the folks that hunt with high gloss, satin finish wood guns and then get mad when there is a scratch. it is a hunting gun not a gun that you will impress your friends with on an english estate. the bottom efection is very good and it is a lefty's dream. go with the syn and the matte and enjoy your gun, you can keep it in just the same condition as the high gloss version. btw: the military uses parkerized finish to keep the glare down and the rust. best way to keep rust off your gun is to keep a light coat of gun oil or preservative on it and clean your gun for three straight days after use. just cleaning once teases the dirt and fouling. i have worked around military and hunting guns for over 20yrs and never had an issue with
rust. but you need to do what is right for you and your taste in guns. i like old beaters that i could care less if they get knocked around every now and then. mud, grime, moisture are facts of life in hunting. if you go with the nicer version get a good case to protect it in transit. good luck.
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Just thought I pass along my 2 cents on the benelli nova.

I don't like it! simple as that. I had the opportunity to give it a try this afternoon. As soon as I saw the gun I wasn't impressed. It feels "cheap" even though it isn't. Also I really didn't like the grip on the stock and fore end. It wasn't comfortable at all. Maybe if it had a smooth finish.

I really think i'm leaning towards a Browning BPS Stalker...
you can't go wrong on the price for the nova. they are very good guns and everyone i know shoots one. they have put away there xtremas, browning golds/stalkers etc....the mossberg 935s and rem 1187s are junk and jam up. the cammo nova is awesome. the black ones do look cheap but the cammo ones are cool.

just my 2 cents worth.
Brother wants to get rid of the Nova. It is a cheap feeling gun. Wants to get an 870 Supermag. THe nova in my opinion is a hunk of junk. Be better off with an BPS or Remington. I found a place on line where you can get a black synthetic Xtrema (i shoot an xtrema and absolutely love it) for $750 plus a little more for shipping and whatever you ffl charges for guns to change hands ($35 at our local gun shop). I figure it comes to about $800 if I wanted one. Little brother wants one but doesn't have the money right now.
romancenturian said:
the mossberg 935s and rem 1187s are junk and jam up.

just my 2 cents worth.
2 cents is about all your Nova's are worth. I have over 10 years experience with 11-87's. I've owned 3 different ones and put at least 30,000 round through them combined and I've NEVER had one jam up. Three of my friends shoot 11-87's and sure enough, they've NEVER had a problem with theirs. Im new to the Mossberg 935's but I have put 200+ rounds through the one I just got and I haven't had a problem. I think you need to stop calling things junk and fork up the extra money and buy a quailty gun like an 11-87 or a 935.
Benelli nova, I have had mine for about a year now and I havent shot a better pump gun. It will be reliable in the worst conditions and the only thing that some people dont like is the forearm rattle. I use them on ducks and geese and it will work great. I got mine at a great price too. 335 dollars. :D
I just bought a Nova about three weeks ago. I agree, it is not a pretty gun, but does a goose die faster if it is shot with a pretty gun? The next time any of you have an 870 next to a Nova, compare how much the forearm rocks side to side on both of them. The 870 acually moves more. The Benelli just has a thinner forearm that transfers a little more sound.

Most important aspect in choosing a shot gun is fit. Anyone disagree? (assuming you are buying a hunting gun, not a show gun) Buy the one that fits you the best. The Nova fit me the best of anything I swung, and it was a 3.5" in camo for a great price.

p.s. What's flying this time of year in Michigan we can shoot at beside clay pigeons?
what is a great price in your opinion? i got mine new in box off for 335.00 shipped. cammo 3.5 version.

just wondering.

The 870 is the most durable pump gun. I own 2

During last weeks snow goose slaying.. (85 birds) my one buddy put away the 1187 after it quit loading the 2nd shell most of the time... went to the backup 870 Mag

My buddy with the SBE went thru 2 days of "click" (no fire at random times) and one more day of not loading the 3rd round before a complete tear down and cleaning fixed that. If you got one of these.. buy the stainless steel spring kit for it... It fixes the problem

My Daly Maxi-Mag performed for 6 straight days.. no problems.. then it hung up loading the 2nd round.. I wiped the crap off the mag tube that operates the gas system... it never gave me a problem again. That was after 4 boxes of 3-1/2's HV 1550 FPS rounds thru it.

I have had this gun for 4 years now.. paid $500 for it new thru a buddies hunting store.. fully camo'd.. at first, the gun action was so stiff that I almost sold it after the first year. Now that it's got a thousand rounds thru it.. it's getting real smooth.. I'm glad I kept it. See these links for the model I have... I had the bolt lock break in year 3. Daly send me a new one FREE and, in 3 days.. I can't say enough good about it.

It still won't operate 2-3/4's in it, so I can't shoot sporting clays with it or light upland hunting, but as a waterfowl gun... It's a peach... very light, synthtic stock, good balance too...

Do yourself a favor... check them out. YIt retails for $599 ... max4_L.jpg ... aximag.asp

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If you got a camo Nova for 335.00, I got ripped! I paid 359.95 at Gander. They did throw in a box of turkey loads, and 20.00 off an Undertaker choke. Wish I had known about before then. Have you found any particular load or choke to work better than others? I hunt duck and goose in Mi. Any help is appreciated!
I shoot an 870 but picked up a charles daly field 3 this weekend so that might be the new slaying smokepole
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