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shipping stuff to Canada ahead of your trip

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Has anybody shipped decoys and gear to Canada ahead of your trip? I'm planning on shipping to myself care of the hotel where we are staying. I'm looking for folks with experience to prevent problems. Any advice is appreciated. I'll probably use UPS.
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Excellent idea! What does that sort of thing cost? If I was shipping dekes I would definately insure them. I'm sure they would not allow shipping of firearms or ammo, but I see nothing wrong with dekes and gear.
You cannot to my knowledge ship anything ahead to Canada. If you do, you need to send it to a Canadian resident and pay 7% GST as well as the provincial sales tax if there is one (as high as 8%) as well there is a $5 processing fee if your friend can clear it themselves at a customs office nearby or up to $80 if UPS or Fed-ex clears them for you.
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