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Guys, I am new here, my first post so pardon my experience.

I hunt with some Magnum Shells that are about 42" long, very heavy plastic but when its bitter cold in january in the single digits and below 0s they get hard and kind of brittle. Have broken a couple tails accidently stepping on them on the frozen ground. I am considering getting some new decoys and probably shells and have been looking at the GHG Oversize/Flocked heads, my concern is they are considerably thinner than my magnums and look much more brittle if they get cold, does anyone out there have any recommendations on very FOWL-COLD weather decoys?

I want decoys that will last me a long time so what do you guys recommend. I don't want some cheap piece of crud, I would rather spend the $$ and get the right ones the first time. The Magnum shells that I hunt over are a friends and he got them at a garage sale and has no idea what brand they are. They are descent but do get very fragile in the cold.

Thanks, Robert
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