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Shaving a reed?

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What is a good procedure for shaving a reed? I feel that some of my calls could be better if this is done.


P.S. Oregonians, How are they flying? :?
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first- get a razor blade

- you only need to shave the exposed portion of the reed from the wedge.

just start scraping, shaving the reed going from the thick part of the reed, out toward the end of the reed. take off as much as you want- but not too much- a dozen scrapes or so should do fine. and make sure the whole reed is evenly shaven
Check out the link, it may be of some help ... _call.html
Thank you both. That has realy helped. :shock:
Use a fingernail file. I usually go a little while and then retune the call. Just keep going until you get the sound that you want. You may want to buy a few more reeds to mess around with. You may mess up a few reeds before you get one the way that you want. They also crack easier when you blow them in the feild after you shave them. You may need a few spares to get you throught the hunt.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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