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Season's Over - Time to Annoy the Neighbors!

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Well, even though our season ended today, I'll still be treating the neighbors to a golden medley of goose calling tunes and hits throughout the new year into spring, summer, and the best time of year FALL!!!!...

Anyone else continue to practice their calls through the warmer parts of the year???
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LOL! I am currently doing an active duty tour with the Air Guard in Altus AFB OK. I blew my new short reed call the whole drive down from NY. I still don't sound like I would like to but it's getting there. I am looking to buy a better call for the drive back to NY next month. Something a little deeper sounding. So I will definitley be practicing all summer.
:D i make them so i have to practice,i even take them to work. the higher-up's ,don't think i'm right in the head. they don't hunt or fish so they have no idea what it's all about.i'm slowly working on them though. THERE NERVES :D :D :D
Oh ya !!!!! I keep the neighbours looking to the sky all year long. It's hilarious seeing them lookng up and around to try and find the ducks and honkers :lol: :lol:
Forget the neighbors.. It's the WIFE that's going nuts.. She still hasn't adusted to my new found passion. She though the deer grunts and fawn bleats were bad enough. Now I have my little Girl and Little boy blowing calls all thru the house!!!
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