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season back open on sat in md

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the 18th canadas are back in. can't wait to get in the pit on sat morning.

have to wait until jan 8th for the two bird limit.
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tore them up today in talbot county, md. done by 8:30. hopefully this storm coming in on sun/mon will get them flying.
breasted out the geese sat, put in salt water for 12+ hrs, then marianted in werstishire (spelling?) for 12 hrs, bbq on the grill......good eatin'

just got the word that schools are closed so i will be at it today also if i put on enough snivel gear to stand the cold/winds.
actually its jan. 7th it goes to 2 birds not 8th. good luck ill be here in harford county myself hunting
i wasnt looking at the calender when i posted. i knew it was somewhere around there. cant wait until the 7th!
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