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"Search and destroy" method of hunting

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Anybody use the "search and destroy" method of hunting? That is, my co-worker drags me around northeastern Arkansas (Cherry Valley, Hickory Ridge area) searching for snows in the field. If we find a place where we can creep up on them using drainage ditches or other cover, we proceed to jump them as they take flight. I've hunted a few times with him over the last couple of years using this method.

We have asked permission to hunt on some land on several occassions, but mostly we avoid any land with a purple-ish paint on utility poles, barrels, etc. I still get nervous some times about this method of hunting on other's property, but there do appear to be others who use this method. I tried to find some info on the purple paint thing, but haven't found anything by searching the net.

Comments? Thoughts?
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when they are power feeding, you can set up like 100-200yds up from them and before you know it, you are surrounded.... 8)
The Purple that you are seeing are Barney rubs. He does this to show that he is running his scrape lines!
The purple means that you can hunt there if you have written permission only.
The purple means that you can hunt there if you have written permission only. I've noticed that most farmers around here that have it won't really let anyone hunt at all on their land.
Yee-hawww...I'm gonna get me a Barney-saur.
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