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Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting

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Just found this site while doing a search for Saskatchewan Hunting Regulations., with any luck someone here can help me out or at least point me in the right direction :lol:
here's a few questions I have :
#1. Can Saskatchewan waterfowl be hunted by a do-it-yourselfer, a nonresident ? or or do they need a guide ?
#2 We would be looking at shooting, Cranes, Geese(snows,blues,) and ducks. (We kill a ton of Canadians geese here in Michigan so their not a need on out list, Cranes are a must we get to watch them by the hundreds up here but it's a not shoot item)
#3 If no guide is needed, How hard is it to get permission on the fields to hunt up there.
#4 when would be the best time to plan a trip there?
#5 And last but not least, we don't much like hunting "Crowds" so out of the way places that maybe don't hold thousands of birds but offer good shooting would be looked into first..
Thanks in advance for any input and you'll see me hanging around here a bit .. :shock:
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#1 Yes alien non-residents can hunt waterfowl in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. However, you had better do it this year. The outfitter associations in each province is pushing to require all non-resident hunters to go through licenced guides. Also, you may find it somewhat difficult to find/access good land if your not a "local".

#2 As for shooting snows, speckles, sandhills, ducks or Canada's you can shoot them all. Since your main interest is sandhills the daily limit is 5

#3 Getting permission is often directly related to how nice you are and where you live. No you do not need a guide, but most farmers are still old school. Being polite and courteous will get you alot farther then offering them a couple $$ in trespass fees.

#4 The best time to be hunting in most of Saskatchewan is right NOW!

#5 As for crowds it is nothing like it is in the US. At least from my past experiences. You will be hard pressed to see another hunter. You may be able to hear another hunter's shots if the wind is just right.

The best advice I can offer is to find a local hunter or group of hunters. Many would be more then willing to have you join them provided you bring some decoys, beer, conversation to the table. At least a couple weeks a year we have some Americans come up and join us. I usually trade them a bottle of Canadian whiskey for a carton of good American Marlboro's.
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I don't know exactly which person I'm replying to, but I hope the person from Canada sees this. If not, maybe you can tell me how to get in touch with the guy from Canada.

I am from Central California and have never been to Canada, but have hunted ducks and geese in California and Oregon for 45 years. I am self employed and will take enough time to scout well before I every hunt, because I don't have to be back by a certain time.

I plan on bringing hundreds of my decoys with me, so I would be a good catch for anyone to hunt with.

I also don't want to hunt with a guide or a group of people that are just interested in seeing birds fall and don't really care who shot them. I am willing to call and talk to people, if necessary, to find out more info on my going to Canada this fall.
you can shoot:
20 Snows(blues, ross geese)
8 Canadas which only five may be specals
5 Cranes
8ducks which only 3 may be pintails

The best time to hunt cranes is early on in the season like sept 20 snows are just startin to move but cranes are movin big time. snows however would be in the mid oct. on they will be hittin hard however canadas are usually earlier like sept.20 on. ducks usually when snows start to move if u want mallards and pintails if you want teel widgeon or gadwall in big #'s you usually (usually have to go in earlier days.

I am 15 and hunt southern Sask but make trips to fish lake east of quill lake . really really good hunting so is Estevan sask area. exspecially for cranes and canadas not much for snow you have to go an hour north to weyburn for good snow goose hunting.
PM me if you need any more help always willin
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