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One goose breast cut into approx. 3/4" cubes, bacon strips cut in half, can of sliced water chestnuts, Lawreys Sesame Ginger marinade with mandarin orange, and round toothpicks (soaked in water). I've also included a marinade recipe at the end of this for those who prefer to make their own. You can use duck breasts for this as well as goose.

Place goose meat cubes into a one-gallon ziploc freezer bag and cover with marinade. Push out as much air as possible, seal and refrigerate for two to three hours. After marinating, place a piece of meat and a waterchestnut slice together on a half slice of bacon, roll up and pin with a toothpick. When all pieces are rolled, broil until bacon browns and reaches your preferred degree of crispness (try three to four minutes a side to start with), flip the pieces over and broil until the second side is browned. Heat additional marinade and serve in a small bowl as a dipping sauce for the rumaki. For a variation, use small chunks of pineapple instead of waterchestnut or mix and match several of each.

Homemade marinade: 1/3 to 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1 tablespoon sesame oil, juice from 1/2 an orange or a lemon, and 1 teaspoon ground ginger whisked together. You can also add a teaspoon of sesame seeds and/or a small clove of finely minnced garlic to this is you like.
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