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robo's scaring geese

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has anyone had the geese stay out of gun range cause of the robo ducks. today we had four hundred plus geese in different groups stay just out of range. we had three robos goin towards the end of the hunt. one did come in when they werent on.
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We've tried em. The geese do not like em! We don't even bring the robos along any more. If there are ducks in the air they will land in your goose setup without the movement. If movement is what you are after, get some flags. Don't leave home without them.
Geese hate robo's. They absolutly hate them. We have two robos that work wonders on the river but when we are at the lake we make sure and remember the remotes to turn them off. Soemtimes they work great to get geese to take a look at you but then we turn them off when they are like 200+ yds. off. Seems to work much bette than leavin them on.
I only use my robo when I am hunting in sloughs now, the geese and even the northern ducks are learning too fast and just shy away when they see them
we have 4 robo's that we have painted white for the snows we've never had any problems w/ them flairing this is the first year that we have used them and the big flocks didnt seem to circle as many times as they did in the past anyway give that a try if you think it might help you out
geese do hate them. we tried it this year to get some ducks into our pit area (which worked) but we had to shut it off when the geese came in. they flared each time.
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