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resident season 8 birds per day

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here in pa we just got the word that the resident season will alow us to take 8 birds per day. i think this is great. anyone eles think this is to many/to few?

whats the bag limit in your state?
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Where are you at in Pa? Im located in the Altoona Area.
Our best day last year, my son and I limited out with 5 apiece and my daughter shot her 1st goose. After carrying that many 11-13 lb geese out........... I think 8 is too many ....=0)
i am in southern york countyjust south of the city of york, we ve got alot of birds around here, just had three large flocks fly over the house to the lake tonite.

my group limited out on 9 days last year, that was 20 bird days.

i still have alot of breast in the freezer, and eat them atleast once a week.

i think it would be nice to shoot 8 in one day, but i am going to have to find some one to help eat them .

my wife and i have had to get very inventive in our recipes, goose jerky, sour goose and dumplings. grilled goose, goose enchelads, goose fajitas,and so on( feel like i am in the movie forest gump after that.

good shooting
Wow! What's the resident populations out there?
I'm new to this site. Here in RI we are allowed 8 a day in early season (read resident) and we open on September first.
not sure what the population is, but it is definitly up from last year,where i hunt is right on the edge of the migratory zone, so i am sure we have a mix of both later in the season. but there are so many around right now, we could start gunning the spring it seemed every pond / puddle had a nesting pair or two on it. theese birds all had 8-12 goslings.there are going to be alot of young(dumb) birds in the early season.
Last year ther resident flock in the area i hunt probably started with about 225 birds,, later in the season, we pick up some more, either migrators or residents moving in from other areas, the most we have seen here is about 800 birds.

Not as many as id like, but plenty to have fun with.

They do get educated pretty quickly hunting the same flocks over and over again. Takes some ingenuity to keep killing them consistently.
answer to Chris Husted's question: Too Many :D
wisconsin 1 a day doesnt seem like enough cant even imagine even what 3 a day would be like
I live in the finger lakes region of NYS and because of the 5 lakes lots of geese come flyin on down. In october now we are allowed 8 apiece. I dont find it too much bc we usually have many people hunting. Yesturday we maxxed out and 32 geese now that was too many so now we have made our own limit. We onmly shoot about 2 apiece to slow down the eating. Although i have a lot of buddies it works out i guess!
Incanada our limits are high 20 (nows blues ross) and 8 (canadas specs)

we limited out on canadas a few times about 4 or five and almost did it a couple other times we also limited out on snows a few times like 2 we had alot of birds but we make it into jerky and it goes fast or cutlets
Good news and bad news. The good news is - limited out this weekend. The bad news is that the Wisconsin limit is ONE. The early season was 5 and the late season is 2. Someone in Madison is definately creative, just not very smart it would help if they looked outside their highrise once in a while.

All geese harvested must be called in to the DNR for harvest counts and tagged. The whole thing IMO is a giant cluster @#$*! The duck limit is 5 with individual species counts and restrictions. I saw the only duck in Washburn county fly by at warp 10 100 yds up last weekend. He's in Missouri about this time. The fields and the skies were full of geese and the limit is ONE.

Obviously it's too late to say "Don't Get Me Started!"
i hunt in central idaho and oregon and idaho has lowered their limit to 5 ducks from 7. oregon still has 7 and it is four geese for both states. how has your seasons been going for you guys so far. we usually hunt geese in the morning and ducks in the evening. i have went out 4 times and limited on bolth ducks and geese. thanx to hardcore decoys!!!!
where i am at its 2 , so 1 hour set up 10 min hunt 45 min tear down what a waste! Who ever set up the limit is a a$$. Big story in the paper here about the birds messing up the waterways here OVER POPULATION!!!! Late season is 20 snows first year for electrointric calls here for snows, and we get to pull the plugs out, :twisted: :)
We are allowed 3 (Canadas) a peice here in CO. It's about the right number of birds. There are usually plenty of birds around but there is getting to be more and more hunting pressure.
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