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replacement feet/legs for bigfoots.....?

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Does anyone know where I can find some replacement legs and feet for my bigfoot decoys?

I know, I know... how in the hell can you break them. Well my kids were playing with them and my wife ran the car over a couple, pucked them up pretty good.

I'm also going to use goose gloves to transform them to snow and was wondering if I could get some snow feet/legs to make the tranformation complete.

Any thing would help. Thanks!!
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I think you can get them at cabelas, but I am not sure give them a call.
Replace them with these.

I'm looking to convert some of mine to these this year.

mallardhunter, I called Cabela's notta. BTW went through Aberdeen on my way to Fredrick to chase some roosters, had a good time.

Waterfowler4, aren't those just like 'Hardcore'

I saw some at the Pheasant Fest and Boat/RV show in Omaha/Council Bluffs last weekend. The movement was pretty impressive (inside anyway).

Do you have any or have you hunted over them? For that matter does anyone hunt over 'Hardcore'?

I have some of those BF plattform swivels that Cabela's sells, they're ok, but the wind has to be going pretty good.
Ya they are what they use or similiar. I have not seen any of them in action, but they will work on bigfoots. I'm going to order 4 of them to see how they look and work. If I like them, I'm going to switch them all over to them.

The sheriff hasn't been here to pick up the bigfoots yet.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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