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Remington 870 hanging up on shells?

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It is time for me to get a new gun :D , I am looking at the mossberg 835 and a remington 870 ultra mag. I have thought about the benelli nova but I don't like the way it feels. A friend of mine has told me that he has had some experience with the 870 hanging up. My current auto-loader has some prolems ejecting shell, hence the search for a new one.

So what do you think 835, 870 or something else ?
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I've done a fair amount of smithing on pump guns since the 3 1/2s came out. Of those that have been brought to me with hang up problems reported, it's been pretty even across the board. One thing that I have noticed is that after going over the guns I go over operations of a 3 1/2 with the owners. They typically,(not always) use the pump the same with all lengths of shells. Meaning they work the mechanism the same with a low brass 2 3/4 as they do the 3 1/2. If you do that you will have hangups! The 3 1/2 pump action needs to be worked HARD. If not, it won't have the right stroke to clear the spent casing and will result in improper wear down the line.

Pick the gun that pulls up and fits you best, and work it like the hardware it is.
I used to own a maverick 88. cheap gun, but worked real good. No complaints at all. I then upgraded to Remington 870 last fall to accomondate the 3.5" shells. I was really disappointed. The 870 rusted, and jammed up a few times when it really mattered. I got rid of it! I recently pruchased a new Browning BPS Stalker. To date its the best shotgun I have. I've only given it a couple brief tests (sea ducks & skeets) But its works well. Its got a nice smooth pump, and well balanced.

If your in the market for a pump check out Browning...
I own the 870 and I love it. Ihave never had any problems with it. I dont shoot 3 1/2 inch shells. I shoot Kent Fasteel and it works awesome. In my personal opinion you dont need 3 1/2 shells. Heck, i killed plenty of geese with my 20 gauge. It worked just as fine as any 12 gauge out there. I have tried 3 1/2s and they didnt do anything to impress me. Just my .02
I've been using my 870 for six years. I've only had hang ups when the gun got ectremely dirty. It does rust a good bit, but never seems to harm it as long as it gets cleaned off quickly. It's performed well for me since I"ve had it and I have no complaints. I've killed plenty with it. I'd recomend it to any one looking for a good gun for the money.
ive shot an 870 my whole life and have found that mine will hang up if i use cheep shells, they expand just alittle to much and won't and will hung up. I thought maybe it was because it was dirty so I gave it very good cleaning and it still happened. I switched to different shells and no more hang ups, might be something for you to try.
It's no secret, Remington's quality control has taken a dive in the last ten years.Along with the 835, you might want to look into the 535....Mossbergs new 3.5" pump
they only seem to hang up on the remington shells, every other brand works fine
I have a Browning BPS 3.5 and it has worked flawlessly. I don't believe one jammup and i shoot it for ducks and geese. It has defiantly taken a beaen. I would definatly recommend looking at them with the duratouch finish, you can't beat it saves your gun getting scratched and stuff.
I got mine last year. I had one hangup one time. The reason was 2 fold. It was very cold and I had oiled it a little better than I should have. The second was what another gent was saying about having to throw the action. I agree with some that the 3.5 is a little much at times, but it sure is nice knowing that your margin for error expands with a few more pellets in the air. No offence guys. I love my 835. Takes one hell of a beating out it the corn fields and I'm not afraid to hose it off if needed at the end of the day. I just clean her up and get her ready for the next time. If your looking for a rugged gun. Get the 835!!!
i like my 3.5 870,but if your out in the rain don't put it away'll be brown in the mournin.i keep it clean and i find its a dependible gun in extreme weather.any opinion's on the browning gold 3.5 semi?
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