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Anyone have a good recipe for duck and goose? My group has taken to making alot of goose jerky the last few years and I was wondering if anyone else had some favorites. :idea: :?:
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i like to take about 1-1.5 inch chunks of duck or goose meat merinate them in italian dressing overnight. whenever u are ready to eat take out the meat and put a halapeno pepper beside the chuck and a piece of colby cheese. wrap all of this up in bacon and put toothpick through the middle and cook on the grill! very very GOOD

if u dont like spicy food u can take off the pepper and add more cheese or whatever u want!

another good recipie that i have is a frying recipie and i made the batter myself. batter= flour, garlic salt, seasoning salt, red pepper salt, salt, pepper. take about a 4 inch wide piece about 1/4 inch thick, apply in batter and cook in crisco in the skillet very very good. i use this recipie for duck, goose, pheasant, dove, and deer. i am sure it would work for any game though.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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