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Do any of you guys use a rangefinder for your waterfowl hunting? Do you find it helpful?

I was looking to get a Bushnell legend rangefinder for xmas. If any of you have one I would appreciate some comments.

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use a rangefinder for your waterfowl hunting?
You mean for like when they are landing into your decoys, pull up your range finder and see how close they are?? No....the only situation that I could see using it for is when scouting seeing exactly how far the birds are from a specific location so you can go there the next day and set up on "the X" .02
I wouldn't use it then either.

However I could see it being usefull when setting decoys or when stalking ducks.

ie: when they swim past that rock they're close enough to shoot.
If hunting a field with houses next to it in NJ you hafta be 450'. Better be at least that. Some gunning rig areas need to be 900' from shore in MD. Rangefinders are used in both situations. As far as setting dekes, I step off and put a Sentry goose as Markers, then fill in back to the hunters. Anything closer than the Markers we shoot!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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