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pros and cons to using Decoys with a FLOCKED finish

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looking for some input on the use of flocked decoys and are they forth the Money ????
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One of the guys I hunt with has a number of flocked decoys and they look & feel great. However, they take greater care to keep them looking good.
Is it really worth the hastle? I've been concidering it for a while now. Will it improve my deeks ability to lure them closer?
I flocked the heads on my bigfoots with a kit I got from Mack's and yes they do make a difference. I did not do them all at the same time and was still hunting so would take the finished ones to the pit and trade with some that were not done. I would put the finished one around the pit where I wanted them to land. Seemed to work unless they wanted to be close to the call. Anyway they are agreat improvement but, after 2 seasons on them I need to do some touch up work before next season. I do have a picture of a goose and a decoy from the neck up and I have not found anyone that would bet me on witch one is real.

Double Clucker
There is no doubt in my mind that flocking works and is worth the extra care needed to make sure the decoys last a while.
IMO, flocking is one of the best things you can do. They give the decoys that extra edge. We hunt some really pressured geese and the flocked heads really make a difference. Im not sure if this means anything, but we hunted over big foots with flocked heads and the guys about 1/4 mile away hunted over regular BFs and we got our limits and were out by the time they even fired a shot. We do take good care of our stuff. all our flocked heads have a pantyhose on them when we travel. Next year we aer going all out with the Green Head Gear decoys. I have hunted with them and fooled around and i think that if you take care fo your gear it will be fine.
I have some flocked heads on my ghg decoys. they look great. I have a kit if you want to buy some, it will flock 40 heads and tails or 70-80 heads.
Having flocked decoys just gives you an extra edge, I need all the help I can get. :lol:
Flocking works but buy a big kit off ebay and do it your self you will save a ton. Use the flat black oil paint for addhesive when the flocking starts to come off it won't glare. Some of the more expensive kits come with a glue but it seems to shine when it shows.
flocked heads are great but u dont need to go spend the money on fully flocked decoys.
I think flocking does help. The past few winters here in Colorado have been pretty mild. Alot of bluebird days when that sun is just a killer. The heads befor we flocked them would shine pretty good now with the flocking there is just a sheene. For what you have to pay for the flocking it is worth it. We have had our heads flocked for the last two seasons and I think it has but more birds in the bag. To do it right it is very time consumeing.

One hint:
For the flocking to last longer make sure you clean your heads and use a good plastic sealer before the glue and flocking and let flocking cure for a min. of 78hrs before you tap off execess.
I flocked two doz. of my shells this weekend and they look every bit as good as my GHG fullbodies. I went the ebay route for the flocking and flat black rustoleum paint for the adhesive. They look fantastic! This fall will be the test on how it holds up on the do it yourself heads. But, man do they look nice!
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