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Price increases on hevi-shot

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The price of hevi-shot is going to go up 20%. If you are a reloader, I would suggest you buy it now while it is still the price it had been for a few years. :(
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Like it wasn't expensive enough already :x
BPI has raised it prices to $100 for a 7 pound container of hevi-shot as of today. :cry: :roll: Super fast steel is starting to look good now. :lol:
The way it sounds the price of all shot will most likely go up. Metal prices are up due to the chinese buying it up and the cost to melt it down has gone up. I am sure everyone noticed the higher prices of gas and heating. I did hear that the market might stabilize late this winter but i wouldnt hold my breath.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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