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This might be a dumb question, but I've just been wondering so.... Do any of you guys ever go out with decoys in the off season and try to decoy birds? No shooting or anything just going out and decoying. Just wondering.
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I always wanted to in the summer and take some pictures, I think they would look good. I just might have to do that this year.
I always thought it would be fun.....I was going to try it in my yard. :lol: I had some ducks land in my yard this past summer and though geese might try it too if I had some decoys out. They roost in the creek behind my house. I always bring a camera with me on my hunts to take pictures of the birds we got and if we were done quick enough, try to call in some more birds to take pictures of.
We've thought about it up here, but I never will due to the fact that birds are not stupid, you'll just be educating them to decoy spreads.
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