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Ok can anyone inform me if you can post Pics here and if so how.

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You have to have them hosted on a web site. Your yahoo briefcase or personal web site or what ever.

Use the img button in the edit section

Using " as brackets since the bracket would fall into HTML when I post

Like this: "img" your_URL_to_your_picture "/img"

as long as your URL is to a posted picture avalible on the internet we should be able to see it.


Dec. 11th 2004 morning hunt with some of the boys

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You need to do and not 'img". I only did the " thing to show you how it was tped as it normally hides that stuff.Click the img button paste the URL in and ckick img again to finish.

You also typped your link wrong, it's http

Should look like this, if it shows up

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It did not imbed in the post. Edit the link and remove the spaces and the picture should show up in the post.
Here is 1 from last year in Nov.
[URL=] ... s/1006.jpg[/URL] [img]

You're close, you just forgot the closing "slash" before the final [img] tag. The following would be correct:

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Hey Mallardhunter its Acemallard for Nodak hows it going

It's doing pretty good, but all of the birds are just about out of here I think and duck season is closed for me. I will have to find some geese this weekend hopefully. Here is a pic of me and my cousin's spread. We didn't get anything, but its still fun.

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Sorry to disappoint you guys, but here is a pic of some ducks (7 mallards) me and my friend got after school for hunting for a half hour.

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i'll try mine

Great pictures fellas
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