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Pattern master choke tubes

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I was wondering how well these choke tubes really worked and if they are worth the high dollars they sell for. If you have found success with them, with what shot sizes and at what distances. I shoot a Benelli SBE for both ducks and geese at moderate to long distance.
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No one has a reply about these after market tubes? Does anyone even use after markets or are they just a waste of time????

I have used the pattern master for Pheasent out here in South Dakota and I love it!! Most of the places I hunt steel shot is the law, so I went to this new choke. It kills the birds dead in flight, no more chasing them after their shot! :D
I have one and LOVE it for geese and ducks. Holds a very tight pattern at 45 yards with 3" #4's high velocity Winchesters. Best choketube I've ever shot. 8)
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