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pass shooting snows in South Dakota

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i was just wondering if anyone has had much luck pass shooting snows in south dakota and if so where and how.
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Pass shooting is only good when you either have low visibilty or high winds.
With high winds it gets them really low, but the fly fast if they go with the wind.
Good luck with that, head farther south!!! :roll:
i havent done too bad avg bout 3 per flock that comes by when im hunting between hwy12 near bath and sand lake
Thanks for the help. Going to be living in brookings pretty soon and was wandering where to head from there with like a hours drive to pass shoot or decoy.
They're pouring through S. Nebraska today, shouldn't be long now.
the rest of the week is suppose to be in the upper 20's so I don't think they will be here that soon, I am guessing it will be about 3 weeks.
Please do not a pass shoot down or cross wind of anybody decoy hunting. I've had it happen before :evil: It really pisses of a guy off when you spend hours setting out decoys and ditch vermin sit down wind of your spread and pass shoot geese coming to my decoys. It ruins the hunt.

One of the main reasons Snows are so hard to decoy is becuase of the run and guns jump shooting the geese and not letting them rest. I've been 3/4 mile away from flocks in fields and as I was driving 30 mph they all got up at the sight of my truck--they were harassed that badly that they were so edgy anything spooks them. Compare to when I remember 15 years ago in ND, in the afternoon when you could not hunt, that you could park your truck 100 yds away from them and observe them to better understand how they come in, where to set up based on watching the real thing, take pictures, etc.. for an hour or more no problem----not anymore! All due to them being harassed by the run and guns :evil:

Can you tell I have no time for the them too lazy to buy decoys and set them out and field hunt? :lol:
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If somebody did that I would have to go chew some butt :evil:
im not trying to piss anyone off im just looking for a way to hunt because some of us dont have the money to spend on decoys and i have been hunting long enough to have the brains that you dont hunt around where anyone else is. I was just wondering if it can be done and where.
Do you get alot of geese over west there? Because I asked a lady once by lemmon and she lives on a farm and she goes "never seen a white goose before"
no we never see any snows over here but i do get up to shadehill lake quite often up by lemmon and there is usually pretty good canadian hunting up there. but have never seen a snow over here
Shadehill has quite a few geese on it, there is a bunch by bison too.
If you pass shoot you are gay, stay in the decoys try not to educate the birds even more.
What happens if you can't afford any? Or you can't get on any land? Then what are you going to do? Pass shooting between two flocks gets pretty good if you don't get too close :wink: I would prefer decoying, but sometimes you end up pass shooting. One of the best investments for pass shooting, or decoying would be an e-caller.
Like decoying doesn't educate them ? Some birds are going ot get schooled regardless .
Goose09, That was a pretty mature comment. If you don't have anything good to say don't say it at all.
Goose09, that was about the stupidest thing you could say because decoys are expensive and not everyone can afford them and they just want to get out and enjoy the outdoors like everyone else. So i would prefer if you would keep you dumbassed coments to yourself.
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