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paint on GHG decoys

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Whats the deal with the GHG decoys. I keep hearing that the paint is coming off them. Does any one know what the deal is and what Avery is saying about this problem. I am about to buy a large amount of these dekes and dont want to spend the money on them if they arent that great.


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Well in 2002 and 2003 they had batches in that the paint failed. I have heard nothing like that yet for 2004.

Are you reffering though to paint failure or paint chipping? Basically chipping is from use and gradually comes off via chipping. Failure is just that-bad from the get go.

Basically this is what I know---GHG has yet to figure out how to properly prime their plastic for maximum paint bond-and that goes for the 04s The crux of the problem is that nothing is meant to stick to plastic-including paint. A couple of Cos have figured it out (like BF and G&H)-GHG has not.

Let me put it this way. Say you have 2 dz GHG and 2 dz BFs and use them side by side and you are putting them in the trailer after each hunt. I'll wager $100 that the BFs will look better at the end of the season than the GHG will.

That being said--I personally think the GHG has much better detailing than BFs-but since it does not hold up as well as BFs, well that is the problem.... But also, even if you buy Hard cores or David Smith FBs which are a step above GHGs for realism, they have a sack for each decoy to minimize the paint rubs/chipping. And no-I do not know if you treated them the same, between GHG, DSD, HCs --which would be more durable.

Frankly I hope BF comes out with a new more realitic decoy body with a bit better detailing and be as durable as they are now-they would be best when considering all 3 categories: realism, durability, price.
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same ol same ol....

Cabelas had back ordered a part of my order for the BF repalcement heads and said Sept 16th they expected them. Low and behold, I called today-now it is Oct 15th... :( After reading for the last few years of them (GHG) not delivering on time, well I guess now I am effected by it....
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