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Have any of you PA goose hunters been to the Pymatuning area or the Middlecreek area? I live right in the middle of both of them and I was wondering which one was better to travel to ( 3 hour drive each way ) and is there any other notable good places to hunt in PA?
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Hey, dominator: I can speak for Pymatuning 'cause I live 45 mins. from it. In both, the limit is one goose/day. I drew a blind @ Pymatuning this year - we saw plenty of geese; we got plenty of shooting. I know that in the case of Pymatuning, the population that comes in is mostly Southern James Bay; so for several miles around Pymatuning (the better part of Western Crawford Co.) the limit is one/day. For the rest of Crawford, Erie, & Mercer (all also in the SJBP) the limit for the current season is five. If you want to hunt the current season, 1/15-2/15, you cannot hunt Pymatuning. Eastern Crawford & Mercer Cos. would work well as long as you can get permission from land owners. Mid Creek area runs till 1/20 (next Thursday) but the limit is one/day. One thing that I can say for Pymatuning: when you're done, you can find plenty of good places to eat on Rt. 322 between Conneaut & Meadville. If you'll be coming in on 80West & getting off on 79North, you'll come in on 322 & you can go out on 322 as well. Don't miss Cracker Barrel!
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I live an hour from Lebanon. Why waste the time to drive down, set up if you get the blind when your limited for the number of shells you can carry and only kill 1 goose. BIG waste of time!!!!
Is middlecreek any good though?? I know in the end its probably not worth it, but am I going to see some birds?
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