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ordered my call

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I finally decided to break down and order a Winglock delrin call, and a honker talk DVD. If all the research i've done is right it should be a good investment. Hopefully I won't be disappointed.
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you won't be disappointed good choice the honker talk is a very good video and wing lock hard to bet
With those two tools in your hands, the birds will be in big trouble. I started using short reeds a little over a year ago and am self-taught. It was quite a struggle at first, but with lots of practice, I have made huge leaps. I still haven't got Honker Talk but plan to someday.I do have the Winglock and am completely happy with it.....I love that deep goose sound !!!!
Could you please let me know how both of them work for you, as i am seriously considering the same deal. Thanks
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new calls. Thats right---Calls! I picked up on a security error on the website where I ordered my call. After notifying the owner he decided to give me an additional call as a gift. He said it would either be a Zink PC-1 or a Heartland short reed. I thought it was nice of him.

Does anybody have any comments on either of these additional calls??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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