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Oh, You're A Riot Alice...Bang, Zoom!!!

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While digging out of the many inches of snow that we got the other day, my wife came outside to help shovel snow, which was a nice jesture on her part, but I noticed that she didn't have anything covering her head or her ears...

So being the good, caring husband (since it's 5 degrees outside) I mentioned that she should put something on to keep her ears from getting frost-bite...but instead of saying "thank you honey for caring," she says "GOOD!!!, maybe my ears will fall off and I won't be able to hear you and that damn goose call anymore..."

Isn't love grand?!?:D.....I think I'll buy that Winglock Delrin to show her how much I care....:D
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I can relate.. But I got even. I gave my 2.5 year old son my old el CheapO' Calls on his very own Laynard... He's practicing alot.. He's such a good boy!!! [
:D I also gave my kids the two other calls that I'm not using!

My wife says that my 4 year old daughter does the Flock Talk better than I do...and she's right!:D
Sounds like a jealousy issue. The solution would be to buy her one of her own for her next birthday. (Or maybe your anniversary?) :lol:
I wouldn't know what would go over better. A new sweeper or a good goose call... ???? HMMM Decisions, Decisions..

Found a new feeding zone today. Saw about 200+ birds. Now if I can only get to them befor they hit the field.. I know they are late risers, but then again.. I am too!!
I had a good laugh the one day I was practicing with one of my old calls (and doing a very poor job I must add) and she came in and took it from me (with a look as if she was going to show me how it's done), well after making the worst racket this side of my mother-in-law, she finally admitted that it's not as easy as she thought it would be...:D:D:D:D
It aint easy alice.. LOL.. That's what makes it fun!!! They sould be good at it. I mean they are all full of hot air. Should be a breeze for them.. Just kidden. The wife is pretty good about my new passion..
yeah teaching my 7 yr old how to use a whistle for pintails and got the boy honking and highballing. dont know who is getting the worse end her or me but i enjoy my afternoon shifts when they wanna practice
While at Cabela's today, my wife bought the kids each their own cheapy duck calls--they sound pretty good for $4...I guess she figures if you can't beat'em, join'em! :D:D:D
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