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Oh boy, now I did it

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Hmmmm.....where do I start???? A week ago I see a black lab going across the street and assume it's mine[only a block away and haven't seen any others around for years]upon closer inspection it turns out not to be my dog. OK thats fine, so I run an add on the radio for lost and found. A few days later the owner calls and comes to get his dog.Thats all good, except it really hurt the girlfriend, she'd grown quite attached to the dog in a very short time and honestly so did I.So, tonight a couple kids come by with another lab[which I thought was the one that I just got sent home] and here I go again Last one was a female, this one is a male[it was dark] big,healthy and strong. Looks like he's got hunting experience[responded quickly to duck calls] about 3 yr old....looks like a lab chessie x. My fbl is happier than a pig in you know what and it looks like he is to.I think I'll just put a neon sign in ther front window....LAB CENTRAL
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you can become real attached in a short time with labs... there is just something about them that no other dog has...
We got one for my disabled daughter. Were training it to be an asssit dog. There's something about their willingness to please that goes right to your soul. Good luck and buy one of your own. No offence, but someone out there is heartbroken...
Dog and owner are back together.
plainsman: saw your post on the duck site. Labs are terrific. You did those folks a great favor by caring for that dog. Admit it - it was a bit difficult to give him up? :cry: I feel for youns.
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