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number of decoys

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i was just wondering how many floaters you guys use for canadas over water.?
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I have about 10, but we don't hunt water that much. The 10 that I have work pretty good because I use about 12 fullybodies on the shore. It brings them right in.
We use about 75 floater geese and 75 -100 divers at the same time. Still looks small to me we have alot of competion with live birds.
i use about 2 dozen or so...i don't think you need as many as when your in the field...and i've had some great days killing them with 2 dozen or so maybe 3 dozen...but not as many as i put out in ther fields...that why i decided to hunt them on the water now....Honkers41!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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