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Northwinds...economy or not?

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Is there much of a difference between the Northwind Windsock decoys and the Northwind Windsock Economy decoys? I know the economy decoys are not painted (they are just white). They seem to be much cheaper though. I only have 24 shells right now as I am just getting into snow goose hunting. Should I buy the economy to get a larger spread or go with better quality and buy less of the regular northwinds? Also, are heads important or should I just get a head for every 10? What is a good ratio? Thanks.
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If you go with the economy, it is really easy to paint them. I picked up 6 doz last fall and used a wide sharpie marker for painting the wings and a little detail on them. You'll need some pink for the heads. Or you could luck out like I did and open the boxes to find econo bodies and full color heads. BONUS! As to should they all have heads on them? It doesn't hurt to have them, but those that are heads up should be in the 1 to 10 ratio. The more heads up - the more alert and ready to fly they look.
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