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North Dakota boycott????

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Don't kill the messenger first off. With the introduction of new license increases in North dakota for non res now up to $170.00 for just waterfowl.
Since the information hit the paper other forums have been burning up North Dakota. It appears other states and countries are now the focus. Iknow several DU chapters that are losing numbers due to DU support for the pothole regions and wanting their funds spent in their own home states or canada. Several groups are trying to sell the places they bought in north Dakota. Anyway what is your thought or input.
big drift
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I think you are getting alot of bad info here. As far as I know nothing has passed yet. The license has not increased if you want to hunt in 1 of the 3 zones for 7 days and then switch to another one of the zones for another 7 days. If you want to be able to hunt the entire state anywhere for seven days then you will have to pay extra. It has not been decided if that will be $15 dollars or $85 dollars extra or if it will happen at all.

Another thing with wanting to put the conservation money in another state. Where are you going to put the money that is going to produce more ducks?
The prairie pothole region produces a very large percentage of the US ducks. It is not in anyones interest to put money in other places because the return on investment will not be as high as putting it into the pothole region.

Even if I lived in another state and could not hunt in ND ever I would still want my donated money going there. Ducks fly south. Ducks that have never been born don't fly at all.
Yeah i am not sure as to the whole story but it does got locals around here all wound up. I personally send my support to Delta.

I really have difficulties with understanding the res - non res issue. I can appreciate certain folks wanting to keep things the way thet had them in regards to access. I sort of understand zone restrictions. But i really do not understand why they really get down on non res. As i said earlier some guys i have talked to are selling out their property and going to kansas, missouri, etc. while out there i only have had problems with locals in upland bird country in the waterfowl areas the locals loved us being there. then when ya get online ya get your rear chewed by res who also then brag up coming to mn to shoot early season geese.

As a group there needs to be a coming together to protect the resource and access, as res and non res together. not personal attacks just because of where someone comes from.

Any how I was just curious as to where people are on this subject. I love the dakotas and do not want to be forced to not go. I just hope it all works. later
big drift
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I think you will find that most guys who are serious waterfowlers in the Dakotas really don't care to much about out of state guys. I live in ND and hunt with out of state guys often. At least for me I would like to see ND stay a place where a guy can have a quality hunt without having to pay a small fortune.

I have pretty much given up hunting the first two weeks of Oct unless I am hunting with one of my close friends who farms and we know the birds are roosting on his property or an area we know is not going to get harrassed. In many areas there are so many guys that the hunting has really started to go down hill. Not because there aren't birds but because you run into so many people hunting and there is so much competition for spots. Getting up at 2:00 in the morning to get a field for geese and then someone jumps the birds off the water so even if you do get a field it is a crap shoot is not my idea of fun.

Many of the guys I hunt with in ND head to Canada the first or second week of Oct. so they don't have to deal with all of the gusy that are here.

What we have right now is people trying to maximize profit from hunting in the short term and they are giving little thought to the long term effect of doing so. What we need is balance, eventually it will all get figured out but its an on going battle.
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You are right on the money(no pun intended). What politicians don't seem to understand is that hunters bring in money to places that otherwise wouldn't be getting it. Many outstate cities and villages rely on the additional income from hunting and fishing, whether it's ND, SD, MN, WI, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or anywhere else for that matter. The raising of nonresident license fees doesn't help raise money for the state or province, it actually decreases the amount brought in through additional spending and sales tax. Too bad they can't get a clue.

Not to press any buttons here, with some of my outfitter friends, but I believe that the pressure put on by guiding and outfitter groups in the US and Canada have more to do with this happening than any thing else.
big drift said:
then when ya get online ya get your rear chewed by res who also then brag up coming to mn to shoot early season geese.
Funny, I always here of the bad residents of ND but yet I've yet to meet one and I've been hunting up there for many years and know a lot of people. Seems stereotypical to me. And why the heck would someone from ND go to MN to shoot geese? My ND friends never have to travel more than 15 miles to get theres?
The only good thing to come out of this is that any pay increase will go directly to the North Dakota PLOTS program which opens up private land to public hunting.
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