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New To Goose Hunting.

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I am new to hunting birds but I have hunted swans a few times off the coast of N.C. I have access to a few farms on the eastern shore of Maryland. I really want some advice in the world of hunting snows and maybe some Canadians as well. All I want to know is decoys, set up, calls, how to call, and few hints on best times of the year to hunt. I also hunt deer on these farms from Oct-Dec, so I would like to try and work around that if possible.

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Hi RC :) . . . that's a tall order. There are so many variations and opinions to those questions, it's unbelievable! :) . . . The most important 2 factors in IMO is how serious are you in getting into Waterfowling and how much $$$$ do you have to spend???

1st how much pressure do these birds get during the season? Gearing up for both Canadas and snows will be very expensive. Are you field or water hunting or both? Economical way is to make homemade silo's dekes.
and buy some shells. We have full body but still do best with the silo's mixed in. Silo's are all we use on walk-in hunts. You can make V boards, this way you can use them both in the fields and on the water. These are very nice when the ground is frozen. Give us more info .
I've hunted Cecil County for almost 20 years, give me a Holla
about in the same boat as you, joined a waterfowl hunt club, not to waterfowl but to deer hunt, well i got back into goose hunting after 15 years. lucky for me the club has 4 dozen big foot decoys, bouth a finisher blind.. man i didn't know i missed goose hunting that bad.
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