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New to goose hunting, any advice on decoys?

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I am new to goose hunting and looking for snow goose decoys. I would like to get enough decoys to hunt next year. I can't afford much more than $100 or so. Any advice on what kind/how many to get? I am thinking of 12 shells and a bunch of rags? What do you think. Thanks.
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Rags will work, but not well. Really noisy and they last 2-3 seasons. Snow goose hunting is no cheap endeavor. I have sunk in around $250 and still just kill a few birds each year. I don't know what to tell you really. The rags were the worst purchase I ever made. I wish I would've slowly built my spread with Northwinds and fullbodies.
I think I may take your last sentence idea of building a spread slowly. Will a dozen fullbodies be enough to hunt successfully with next year or do I need more?
What do you mean by fullbodies? Is that a specific brand?
Northwinds, shells, and full bodied decoys(GHG, Bigfoots, etc...) do work better than rags. That being said, rags can have their place if they are not the only thing that you have out. Mix them in with the other dekes that you have to increase the size of your layout until you can build up your spread with the other types. Another great way to increase your spread and not the expense is to invite some other hunters(hint) to join you and bring their dekes. You get a lot more decoys out and a chance to build some lifelong friendships!
If you only have a $100 to spend I would recommend you make some silos, short for silouettes. There is a section below talking about how to make them. Gets you a cheap spread you can get to work with next year. If your looking to jump in right now buy a dozen shells and give it a shot.
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