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HEY i was just wondering if anyone knew of a private place i would be able to hunt at because i need a new private spot for next year or if i could join any one i have a good amount of deeks just let me in pm or my email is [email protected]m
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You have to add a little more info about yourself first. Where ya from what happend to the last place you hunted (did you get kicked out?)
im from windsor colorado im a 16 year old male and my last spot i had is guna be concederd in the city next season so i wont beable to hunt there any more so i am trying to find a private spot to hunt next season so i can get some birds and i can help pack and unpack deeks and i have plunny of them my self to make a bigger spread
I can't help you out buddy. Wish I could. I like to take people out hunting any time I can. I just got a British fellow interested in hunting. He's loving it. I'm in PA so I'm a bit far to offer a place on one of my spots. You sound like you have your stuff together though. I can tell you what your going to need to do though. Get yourself presentable. Clean clothes (no hat) and a good haircut. Go hit the farmers in your area. Knock on the doors and explain what you want to do. Be polite and respectful of these people. Bring a pre writen card with your name, phone # and address on it. A little paragraph about your ethics and your appreciation of wildlife in general. Your going to get a lot of NO responces but you would be suprised at the ones that call you back. Always thank them for their time. A good handshake with an introduction helps too. The area may not hold any geese but you never know where it may take you. I got 2 new places for deer this year and 4 for hunting geese. People are starting to find these beautyful creatures a pain in the butt because they crap on their lawns and cars. Also, go to the golf courses.. I know some of you arn't into this, but if your needing a place to hunt, It will fit in a pinch..
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Get out there and pound on those doors. I've got friends that ask how I find all these neat little places tohunt. I tell them. Go knocken on the doors. You would be suprised. Once you start doing it, you get a lot of places to hunt. Also.. The one guy lets you hunt on his farm and next thing you know, the neighbor offers his place too. It happens. Good luck and good hunting..
Yea, knock on them doors. You'll be surprised. Most places don't have people bird hunting. My buddy even had one guy tell him this year "know body ever asked me that before." They are used to ever one wanting to hunt deer. Offer them to lay in the spread and shoot with you or give them a goose right before Christmas? :)
ropeagoose...... what do you mean go to the golf course??? you mean that you can hunt the golf courses around you???????? lucky!!!! i dont think i legally could around here all the courses are within city limits........
gosehunter86......... how many and what type of dekes do you have? i might be able to help u out with a couple of places to hunt for next year.... i got about 6 places to hunt........
WHen you guys start knocking on door how do you pick which doors to knock on...when do you start his process? I have been thinking about spending my entire off time this summer driving around knocking on peoples doors trying to get into some fields but I wasn't sure if it was worth it during the summer because I had no idea if the geese would be using those certain fields come season. Is this why you give the farmer your number, so that if the gesse are using their field they can call you?
I don't do that because I think it would get the farmer mad at me, I just go out and scout a little bit then go up to the house and talk to the farmer, if he is not there I try and call him.
i like knockin during the offseason. you might not know right away if it is a good spot but at least you have a spot when the season rolls around.

this year a got permission to hunt on 5 different farms. during the season i drove around scouting them and those that had birds i hunted. 2 of the fields i didn't hunt all but at least i had them togo to if i needed them.
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